"" I always had two main interests in life: Archeology and the Make-up.
The first one took me graduations, archaeological excavations and many trips; the second one from a passion became my job.

-Ovid tells us "to learn the art of improving the appearance, to protect the beauty of the face."  Coco Chanel "to attack life and its problems by wearing a red lipstick."        I think that if we complete "with a perfect eyeliner then we can really everything.  -

I never stop learning from others and be curious in every situation that life offers me. High doses of madness, determination and irony are my perfect mix to focus on different goals.  ""


School Teacher

Vintage Fashion Make-up teacher at Fashion Avenue Academy - Milan

Make-up Fashion teacher at Blink Make-up School - Modena

Make-up Fashion teacher at Ecipar formazione CNA - Modena


Education and training

Professional course   "Beauty & Fashion"  - Cassie Lomas Make-up Academy - Salford Manchester

Professional course   "Professional Hair Styling"  - London Hair Academy - London

Professional course Airbrush Make-up - Bologna

IIAM- Art and Make-up School Academy - Bologna

LVMH training Master Makeup- Milano

LVMH training Makeup Forever - Milano

LVMH training Dior - Milano

LVMH training Nars - Milano

Master "Fare Cinema" - Bologna

Doctor of "Antropology and History of contemporary world" -  Modena and Reggio Emilia University

Technical course of Cultural Poducts - Cubec Academy of Modena

Doctor of " Cultural Heritage, Archaeological curriculum" - Parma University





Hair Artist